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Margaret Sloan

Margaret writes and paints, although not at the same time. Inspired by nature, she paints landscapes, people, animals, flowers and abstracts. She works in watercolor, gouache, and oils.

Her creativity floats on a deep lake of her love for nature, buoyed by stories, science, and her wish to create more connections in the world.

Margaret Sloan spent the first half of her adult life in Mexico where she was a housewife. But in mid-life, Margaret returned to the United States and worked as a research and production manager for Sunset magazine, where she tried to absorb the mad writing skills of her colleagues. After fifteen years of making magazines, she moved to the Central Sierra Nevada where she works at a local Arts Council to strengthen the community through the arts.


Ava in Paris

Longford Collector

Coyote Gaze

Rocky Mountains

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