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Karen O'Neill
23464 Shadow Drive
Auburn, CA 95602


Karen O’Neill is best known for her unique bold style. Karen’s way of keeping her work fresh is to be constantly trying new ideas and techniques. With so many art shows cancelled because of Covid she has had more time for experimenting. She has spent much of this time working on collage paintings, and with using mixed media in her work. Also many of her painting are now on Yupo paper. This painting surface is a 100% recyclable synthetic paper. Paint does not sink into this paper – it remains on the surface which gives it a unique llook that she finds pleasing. You will see many of these new works in the 2022 Arts of Bear Valley show. She said that this was a fun change and an exciting challenge.

She has had the honor of being asked to paint the Bear Valley Music Festival’s poster painting five times. Her most recent donation was for the festival’s 50th Anniversary in 2018. (See photo below.)

Karen has shown her work in galleries in Carmel, Taos, Arnold, Sonora, and Murphys. For many years she had the wonderful experience of being one of the owners of the Iron Door Gallery in Murphys. This was with four of her close artist friends. Karen recently moved to Auburn with her husband Michael, she says for the joy of living closer to family. At this time her original art is only exhibited at Arts of Bear Valley shows.


Golden Jubilee

Amazing Grace

Sunny Delight

Music in the Forest

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