Artist Gallery

Christa Dodd
P.O. Box 227
Arnold, CA 95223
(925) 818-3528

An artist at heart, I attended UC Berkeley and reluctantly majored in Business rather than Art, my lifelong passion. Chasing the dream, I later attended both community college art classes in California, Sydney (Australia), and Vancouver BC and many workshops led by professional artists. I paint (plein air) wherever I travel often inspired by the sense of beauty, and spiritual experience of engaging with nature. As a practitioner of meditation and Qi Gong my artistic vision is also influenced by the bright glowing hues of our seven chakras, connecting my work with improved health and happiness. I strive to create art that is evocative of spirit, sparks curiosity, inspires a story, or honors a memory to be cherished. Living in gorgeous Calaveras County, I have fulfilled my lifelong dream of having a home art studio with a view of the lovely woods, forest creatures and my garden. I look forward to becoming very involved with the local art scene, Arts of Bear Valley, and exhibiting my work.

Isle of Skye

Tree of Life

Koi Yin Yang

Fox Meditating

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